08.08. - 14.08.2020

VJF 2.1 KiEZ Hoelzerner See: Renovate the Lakeside Kids and Teens Recreation Center


Type: RENO/ENVI Places: 20 Teamer: 2 (already engaged)

Location: Heidesee, Koenigs Wusterhausen 15 km Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.hoelzerner-see.de


Work: International volunteers are invited to improve the grounds of the centre. Tasks are likely to include construction, gardening, maintenance and renovation works. It is planned to create corners relaxation, to paint playground equipment, to maintain the water playground and similar tasks. Other environmental and construction works are possible. Please be aware that you will not work with children!

Accommodation: You will live in small bungalows. Up to 4 volunteers will share a room. Bed linen will be provided. The sanitary track with showers, WC and a washing machine is situated next to the bungalows.

Close to the sleeping place you will have your own common room, a place to meet and relax in the evening.

Special requirements: In this camp you have to be able to ride a bike and to swim!



11.09. - 27.09.2020

VJF 2.2 AWO Adventure Farm: Animals, Kids and Gardens


Type: RENO Places: 12 Teamer: 2

Location: Brandenburg, Beeskow, Frankfurt (Oder) 30 km Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.awo-erlebnishof-beeskow.de/erlebnishof/unser-hof.html


Work: Different works are to be done to maintain the place. Your help is needed to paint, to build, to repair, to do anything what is necessary on the farm. Please be open for any work! It is very important to bring wet weather clothing as volunteers will work only outside! Please be prepared for any work on the farm to support it. Please be aware that you will not work with children!

Accommodation: You will live in rooms with 4-6 people.

Special requirements: In this camp you have to be able to ride a bike!



29.06. - 18.07.2020

VJF 2.3 Never forget #1: What Happened in Sachsenhausen? Workshop on German NS-History

29.06. - 18.07.2020

VJF 2.4 Never forget #2: What Happened in Sachsenhausen? Workshop on German NS-History

10.08. - 30.08.2020

VJF 2.5 Never forget #3: What Happened in Sachsenhausen? Workshop on German NS-History


Type: STUDY/ENVI Places: 15 each Teamer: 2 each

Location: Oranienburg 33 km to the north of Berlin Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.sachsenhausen-sbg.de



The project partner is still working on the programme of the camps. Because we don't know what measurments and regulations will be in these times, we also think about digital solutions. We will kepp you updated.


Background: Sachsenhausen was one of the earliest concentration camps in Germany, built in 1936. For example, German people who were in opposition to Nazi policy, homosexuals, so-called asocials, criminals, Jews, and during the war especially people from occupied countries were imprisoned, forced to work and a lot of them were murdered. Between 1945 and 1950 a part of this area was used as a so-called Special Camp of the Soviet Secret Service. Now it is a place for studies and to commemorate the victims: the memorial site Gedenkstätte and Museum Sachsenhausen (Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen). Please inform yourself before the camp!

Work part: Although the main task will be studies of history, manual work like gardening, maintenance work and cleaning-up of specific areas of the memorial are planned.

Study part: Besides the manual work the study component will be an important part of our project. Volunteers will learn a lot about the time of National Socialism, the Holocaust and also something about the period after World War II especially the Soviet camp Sachsenhausen until 1950. Guided tours in and around the memorial site Sachsenhausen and excursions to different memorials and places of earlier German history are planned. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work in the exhibitions and in the library of the memorial site. Furthermore, there will be several discussions with employees who perform guided tours and are involved in historical research. The international volunteers with their different backgrounds will inform the group about the memories and commemoration in their countries.

Accommodation: You will be accommodated in a youth hostel, 2 km away from the memorial centre.

Special requirements: For this project it is necessary to have good or very good English skills!!! German skills are beneficial. A motivation letter - specific to this project - is required!

Please prepare at home a short presentation about your country, including the history of your home country and the view on German history. Volunteers should be able to ride a bike, because various shorter and longer bicycle-tours are planned.



not confirmed yet

VJF 2.6 KiEZ Frauensee: Renovate the Lakeside Kids and Teens Recreation Center 


Type: RENO/ENVI Places: 7 Teamer: 2

Location: Heidesee/Graebendorf, Koenigs Wusterhausen 15 km Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.frauensee.de


Work: International volunteers are invited to help and improve the grounds of the centre. Tasks are likely to include painting, gardening, general maintenance and cleaning. There may also be the opportunity of different creative tasks. Volunteers should be prepared to be flexible and take part in any environmental and renovation work that will support the KiEZ Frauensee. Please be aware that you will not work with children!

Accommodation: Volunteers will sleep in dormitory accommodation in separate male/female rooms with bunk-beds. All that you will need is there: showers, bed linen, a washing machine etc.

Special remarks: Even though Berlin is close, be prepared to spend your evenings in a quiet area without cinema or pubs!!!



09.08. - 23.08.2020

VJF 2.7 Never forget #4: What Happened in Ravensbrueck? Meet Survivors of the NS-Regime. Make Sound In The Silence!


Type: STUDY/ENVI/ARTS Places: 15 Teamer: 2

Location: Fuerstenberg/Havel Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.ravensbrueck-sbg.de


CORONA-UPDATE: For safety reasons 15th Ravensbrücker Genereationenforum and SOUND IN THE SILENCE, are canceled. The very old survivors cannot risk a travel and artists don't have preparation time now and possibly cannot travel. The project partner is willing to run the workcamp eather and works on a new concept for te study part. We will keep you updated.


Study part: In this year, the project in Ravensbrück will continue to connect practical work and study with youth meetings. In the memorial, there are many possibilities to read about the history of the women’s concentration camp and about the background of fascism. Volunteers can use materials from the library and the archives in different languages. A main topic for the study part will be the special camp, where the

participants work. The VJF-group is likely meeting survivors of Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp in the Generationenforum (panel of generations) and will parallel participate – in commemoration of

Ravensbrück – in the performance-project SOUND IN THE SILENCE. All participants are encouraged to join study groups on the topics of Creative Writing, Theatre, Dance and Sound, where they can develop creative content with others as a part of the performance. You will also participate in the 15th Ravensbrücker Genereationenforum, a meeting with former inmates from Israel, Hungary and England. Your performance will include the fates of the time witnesses you will meet and will be presented in the Generationenforum.

Work part: The group will do some maintaining work on the area of the womens concentration camp. There are many different tasks to be done: cleaning the area of wild growing vegetation, environmental work

and investigation work. Your help will be needed to clean sculptures, to prepare a working site and to do other works outside.

Accommodation: You will live in a youth hostel near the Ravensbrueck memorial. The rooms are very comfortable; a maximum of 4 persons will live in one room. Shower and toilets are next to the rooms.

Bed linen will be provided.

Special requirements: For this Workcamp it is necessary to have very good English skills! A motivation letter - specific to this project - is required!



06.07. - 17.07.2020 CANCELLED!

VJF 2.8 Camp for Nature Lovers #2: Digital Detox - Foresting and Camping on Liepnitz Island 1

10.08. - 21.08.2020

VJF 2.9 Camp for Nature Lovers #3: Digital Detox - Foresting and Camping on Liepnitz Island 1


Type: ENVI/CONS Places: 10 Teamer: 2

Location: On the island without electricity, Wandlitz, Bernau (nearBerlin 15 km) Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.liepnitzinsel.de


CORONA-UPDATE: For safety and logistic reasons our project partner nedded to cancel the 1st project. For the 2nd we need to wait, what German governement decides and how the pandemic is developing with the measurments. We will inform you as soon we know any safe informations.


Work: The main works will be done in the wood. The volunteers will do various environmental works as well as renovation and construction works on the island and in the forests around the island. Possible tasks are removing bushes and invasive small tree species, collecting rubbish and wood, repairing works and so on. Volunteers should be prepared to be flexible and take part in any work that will support the foresters.

Accommodation: Your accommodation will be very basic. You will sleep in three large tents on camp beds. The infrastructure on the island is very basic without electricity and warm water, not even a warm shower. There is no heating in the tents and on the island you have to use compost toilets. The accommodation is quite isolated so volunteers should come with ideas about how to entertain themselves in the evenings! The foresters of the project have built a nice and comfortable block house where the group will meet and eat

Special remarks: The island is very isolated, and you have to be a real nature lover to participate in this project. You must use the ferry every day and it stops running about 8 p.m. Please be prepared to

not be able to visit Berlin very often! On the island live many permanent campers during the summer. Please respect them.

Special requirements: You must be able to swim!



Will be announced.

VJF 2.10 Renovate the Seminarcenter and Hostel in Baitz 


Type: RENO Places: 10 Teamer: 2

Location: Baitz Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.kinderherberge.de


Work: International volunteers will do indoor renovation work with painting walls, lay laminate and so on.

Accommodation: Volunteers will sleep in the seminarcenter in 3 or 4 bed rooms. There is a kitchen for self-catering and a living room and a huge outdoor area. Bed linen will be provided