Unter Berücksichtigung aller nötigen Maßnahmen zur Vermeidung der Ausbreitung des Corona-Virus, können in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern vrstl. folgende Projekte stattfinden:


23.08. - 06.09.2020

VJF 1.1 Camp for Nature Lovers #1: Camping and Farming in a Nature Reserve


Type: ENVI Places: 9 Teamer: 1

Location: Wooster Teerofen, Krakow am See 15 km, Guestrow 30 km Terminal: Berlin or Hamburg

Info: http://www.naturpark-nossentiner-schwinzer-heide.de


Work: Your work will include different activities in a natural park like to build an apiary, to help farmers or similar works. Your help is also needed for maintenance works, e. g. on orchid meadows, in forests or on a bird island. This project is especially for nature lovers! Please be prepared to work 5-6 hours a day. Volunteers should come prepared for light or heavy work and be motivated for anything to help the rangers of the Nature Reserve.

Accommodation: You will live on a camping site close to a very nice lake. You will sleep in tents (2 persons per tents) on camping beds with mattresses. A kitchen, sanitary facilities and a big meeting

room are provided on the camping site. Special requirements: You have to be able to ride a bike!
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10.08. - 23.08.2020 in Dreilützow

23.08. - 28.08.2020 in Berlin

VJF 1.2 Light Festival at Castle Dreiluetzow: Build-up, Do Handicraft and Art Programme


Type: CONS/FEST Places: 15 Teamer: 2

Location: Dreiluetzow, Schwerin 25 km Terminal: Berlin or Hamburg

Info: www.schloss-dreiluetzow.de, www.schloss-dreiluetzow.de/index.php/lichterfest


Work: The main work during the camp will be the preparation of the light festival, which will be on 9th August 2019. At the Light Festival the whole park will be lightened by candles and fire and at different places there will be theatre, music and installations. Preparation works have to be done, such as building up tents, carrying things, playing music to practise for the event, painting signs and so on. Here we need your handicraft and creative ideas to prepare a little program as a part of the festival. The projects depend on the dynamics of the participants! If you play a musical instrument, it would be great if you bring it with you!


This camp is part of the activities for "100 Jahre Workcamps". We celebrate this jubilee with an event in Berlin. That's why the group will move from Dreilützow to Berlin at 23rd August, have some freetime in the capital, participate in workshops about workcamps on 26th, show a presentation about the camp in Dreilützow during the big ceremony on 27th and departure day is 28th.


Accommodation: The volunteers will live in multi-bed rooms (4-9 beds in a room) in a little building next to the castle. In Berlin the group will stay in "Jugendherberge Am Ostkreuz" in multi-bed rooms.

Special requirements: It is absolutely necessary to stay until the last day in Dreilützow. Early departures before 23rd August are not accepted! The participation in "100 Jahre workcamps" is a great opportunity, but in exceptional case we try to arrange an earlyer departure (but we cannot promise, if it works!).



27.07. - 08.08.2020

VJF 1.3 Save the Bees: create a garden in a primary school


Type: ENVI/CONS Places: 8 Teamer: 2

Location: 17237 Carpin/ Feldberg Terminal: Berlin or Hamburg

Info: www.schule-feldberg.de


Work: In 2018 on of our workcamps set up the school garden after 2 years of silence. The city planned to build a storage room on the ground of the school garden, so the school garden group had to stop their work. Nature took over again and nothing happened. But the city council informed the head of the school about changing their construction plans and gave the grounds back to the school. In 2020 you will continue the work and create a beautiful garden for the kids and bees.

Accommodation: will be announced later



18.07. - 02.08.2020

VJF 1.4 Nature and Art


Type: ENVI/ARTPlaces: 12 Teamer: 2

Location: 19412 Brüel Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.salve-ev.dewww.stadt-brueel.de


Study Part: Different guided tours are planned, e.g. the most beautiful lakes, paddle tours on the river Warnow, hiking and the coast of Baltic sea. These excursions will be connected to environmental topics like rubbish chute sea, lakes full of algea, living space water, food water

Work Part: Under guidance of a professional artist you will participate in workshops (music, screen printing, theatre) on Monday – Friday 5h/day. All will handle the topic water from different artful perspectives. The results will be presented on a final event with locals and politics.

Accommodation: will be announced later