EFD in Frankreich

For my EVS I was part of a team of young people who co-created an international youth forum in France. This international team was made up of young people from Germany. Romania and France who worked in a horizontal and democratic manner over the course of the one-year it took to create this event.

This was an event created by young people for young people aiming at strengthening solidarity in youth actions. The basic idea was to provide a platform to empower young people, to invite various Organisations and young people from around the world to share experiences and ideas, to discuss alternatives and solutions to the societies we live in and to connect with others helping to make us the youth a more visible group as a whole.

For three days youth came together in a self managed space in Toulouse, France. Activities ranged from workshops to theatre, from debates to concerts, informal discussions in the camping space to collective cooking in the self-run kitchen. The themes of these activities fell under 10 main topics: Reclaim democracy!, Transition, Social justice, Hack n' Wiki, Fair-play economy, Water, Education, Climate, Artivism, re-Generation. This process was about the development of a more visible youth dynamic across countries and aimed to facilitate the connection between youth groups and initiatives. Over 70 associations were represented from over 10 countries, with 80 workshops taking place over 3 days. I was very proud to be a part of this event, which celebrated and united the initiatives of young people and youth associations from many different countries and cultures from around the world.

Alison L.